Changes. My daughter is in high school. I'm doing full-time producing besides writing for SCJ and Strangely Alright. 

No more day job…I have the faith, not the hope, that things will turn out most beautifully. 

Hope is a beggar. Hope…

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Magic And Possibilities

Just because I’ve never seen it or felt it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Whatever that may be.

I still believe in the magic and possibilities of this life. But, like anything on this plane, it’s progress not perfection and…

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From Where I Sit

It’s pretty obvious now why I got clean all those years ago. So in the quiet of the afternoon, while watching her rest her beautiful heart from the onslaught of noise that is today, I realize down to my core…

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Every Minute Means More

Another telescope photo from my 13-year-old daughter as we get ready to leave Ocean Shores. As I gazed upon the moon I realized every minute with my family means more than the previous one to me today. I simply feel…

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She Is Part Of My Why

A moment like this is one of the true gifts of sobriety. This is a picture of my daughter, who is about to sing in the studio for the first time ever on her band’s original song. And because of…

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Don't Look Back

One of the many things I was taught in my program of recovery is that my life is conditioned by my own thoughts. Not by the thoughts of anyone else in the past or present.And I clearly see there’s no…

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I Don't Miss It

I remember so many days(months?)when I was at the bottom, on my knees praying for something, for anything, to help me get clean. 

But it had to start with me admitting I was powerless and being willing to ask for…

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Love or Fear?

I feel that love is always creative and fear is always destructive. It’s up to me to decide which of these two feelings will hold sway in my life. I have found that when I am of service to others…

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She Makes Me Better

Happy 16th Anniversary to my beautiful wife. 

Words could never do justice to how I truly feel about her. She has seen me at my best and at my worst and has always been by my side loving and supporting…

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Comfortable In My Own Skin

For many years I ingested so many chemicals to just make myself feel comfortable about who I was or wasn’t. And after putting the plug in the jug, there was much work to be done in order to figure out…

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Active Addiction Vs. Active Recovery

When I was in active addiction, the entire universe revolved around me. At least in my mind… LOL… I was selfish and self-centered to the extreme and never thought of other people before myself. EVER. In every facet of my…

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