From Where I Sit

It’s pretty obvious now why I got clean all those years ago. So in the quiet of the afternoon, while watching her rest her beautiful heart from the onslaught of noise that is today, I realize down to my core what the most important thing in my life is right now. It’s not making music, or working with other musicians, or doing positive life posts or recovery perceptions. Or any of the other things that my ego wants to tell me are important. It’s protecting and guiding her as long as I can and continuing to share my experience strength and hope with her as she heads into her teenage years. She’s smart, kind, talented, and funny and like any one of us has hopes, dreams, and fears about her and our lives, both now and in the future. I want to leave as much as I can of what I know and what I see in her while I am here. From where I sit, she just may change the world.